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Geert van Spaendonck has been the owner of Van Lier since 1991. With a high level of respect for the quality, luxury and tradition with which Van Lier is synonymous, he focuses on his company's continued growth. The designs of the footwear collection, the interior store design, the footwear boxes, the advertisements... everything unmistakably carries his signature. He lets nothing stand in the way of his creativity. He breaks out of the traditional boxes and eradicates boundaries... A future without adventure is inconceivable to him!

Family spirit as the driving force

On the lookout for trends and inspiration for designs and materials, accompanied by his wife Ruvani and their children, Van Spaendonck travels around the world. He then returns to the Netherlands with a head full of ideas and plans. It is in the Netherlands where those ideas become reality. Here, along with the people around them, both Geert and Ruvani enthusiastically use their knowledge, experience, energy and commitment to continue to consolidate Van Lier's position. Even after 200 years, the family spirit continues to be Van Lier's driving force.