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Consistent quality, astounding designs, affordability, a touch of luxury... These elements form an integral part of Van Lier. But Van Lier is also synonymous with: vivacious, colourful, young, forward-thinking and dynamic. That is evident from the targeted and scintillating marketing strategy, which is applied at various levels.

Van Lier Stores

Van Lier is the only Dutch footwear brand with mono-brand stores at top-notch locations in almost all large cities in the Netherlands. The entire Van Lier collection is on display in these Van Lier Stores. The stores exude an atmosphere of tranquillity, luxury and design. This is Van Lier in its purest form. Owner Geert van Spaendonck is personally responsible for the design and the shop fittings.

Van Lier sales points

Van Lier applies selective distribution arrangements. It is all about the quality of its dealers. Only stylishly furnished stores, at top locations, which offer a high level of service and employ competent personnel qualify to become Van Lier dealers. This means that Van Lier footwear can only be purchased from the most prestigious footwear stores, chain stores and department stores.

Van Lier online

Within its segment, Van Lier is the undisputed market leader in the Netherlands. Offline, but most definitely online too. At an early stage, Van Lier defined its online strategy and adhered to that. The result? Lasting and powerful alliances with all online key players. Van Lier is, of course, also active on social media, such as, for example, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


As a traditional Dutch company, for many years Van Lier has enjoyed strong links with the inspirational island of Ibiza and its inhabitants. These personal ties and the warm relationships with various islanders led to Van Lier's photo and film shoots taking place at luxurious locations, such as Lio and Destino. For many years, the famous art photographer, Jordi Gómez, has been responsible for the beautiful shoots, which never fail to portray the vibrant Van Lier feeling.