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200 year old Van Lier becomes a member of the Fair Wear Foundation

Thursday 2 April 2015

Van Lier, the market leader par excellence in men's footwear in the Netherlands, has been around for 200 years. "Our ambition is to remain the market leader for at least another 200 years", said director Geert van Spaendonck. "Of paramount importance to us are quality and corporate social responsibility: we want to make forward-looking choices to which we are fully committed. It therefore feels like a marvellous gift that, especially at this point in time, Van Lier has been accepted as a member of the Fair Wear Foundation: an organisation that aims to improve the working conditions of its employees throughout the world."

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"It is just like learning a language": Interview with Geert van Spaendonck

Thursday 2 April 2015 – source: omada magazine

"First you learn to speak a language, then how to read and write it and only after many years are you able to use the correct nuances to make yourself clear. That is exactly the same process that you have to go through when learning how to design footwear." Van Lier has been around for 200 years and CEO, Geert van Spaendonck, talks about the family spirit of this unique brand.

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