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Working together on a passion: luxurious, affordable footwear. That is what the Van Lier family started to do 200 years ago, and that is what the current owner, Geert van Spaendonck, still aspires to today. The business continues to focus on one brand and one product.

Footwear as a unifying factor

Not only Geert, but the entire Van Spaendonck family is closely involved in Van Lier. The footwear is close to their hearts and is an essential part of their lives. Both during office hours and holidays, 'the shoe' is a subject of discussion, but also a source of new insights and inspiration. The family is assisted in their work by employees, suppliers and manufacturers, who have often been affiliated with the company for many years. These are all people who are dedicated to their professions and who master their craftsmanship to the finest detail. As a result of this, Van Lier has become the market leader par excellence in men's footwear in the Netherlands. The result of 200 years of family spirit!